Putties and fillers (13)

Clearcoats, primers and hardeners (12)

Thinners and additions (6)

Protection, anti corrosion and soundproofing body (5)

Abrasives (9)

Abrasive tools (18)

Masking (10)

Polishing (6)

Technical cleaning materials and protective means (7)

Filters and accessories for paint booths (3)

Accessory materials (18)

Tools and equipment (17)

Professionals recommend NCP

NCP company occupies leading positions in Ukraine on the market of goods for car body repair. We constantly take care about high quality of our materials and produce them only according to advanced manufacturing technologies. That is why professionals not only chose but also recommend products of NCP brand.  High materials’ quality, demand and excellent recommendations has brought our products to a new level of repair works.

Rapid development of car industry constantly increases demands to the quality of car repair. Today car workshops without high technology equipment and materials are deemed to decline. NCP company offers to car body repair workers the highest quality products with moderate prices. With NCP equipment and materials you car repair workshops will become competitive and will work faster and more efficient.

We owe wide range of advanced goods and services for car body repair professionals. NCP company professionals constantly analyze needs of buyers and novelties of car market. To cover all the needs for car body repair, our products are divided into three segments:

  1. Materials and equipment of High Top line correspond the highest quality demands and are intended to repair vehicles of the latest years, and also of luxury class cars.
  2. Standard line is designed for post-warranty service and repair of cars with mileage and middle class cars. The ideal price/quality ratio will help you to repair your car safely and inexpensively.
  3. NCP product of Ecotop line will help you to save your money if you need to make minor local car repair. Easy usage of products of this line permits to make body repair even to non-professionals.

NCP is an effective company which does not stand still. We are confidently gaining momentum in development, are constantly open to cooperation and make every effort to meet the needs of our clients.