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Best Day Traders To Follow On Twitter?

He recently retired from trading to focus on Forex Mentor Pro, which he created. 🔷 @OddStats + @UncleRico77 the most entertaining couple (yes, they’re together in real life, even if OddStats allegedly offers escort services) on #FinTwit. I put them together because their backs and forths are comedy gold. Make sure you have them in your feed before they get banned.

best traders to follow on twitter

Trading has become increasingly social by nature with popular trader personalities amassing considerable followings on a variety of platforms including Twitter, TradingView, and eToro. It’s quite clear that these personalities enjoy sharing information, analysis, sentiments, news, and engaging in conversations. When stock market investing gets too easy, consider getting out of the best traders to follow on twitter market. Tiho — Hong Kong-based wealth manager and worth a follow for his advice and charts, particularly on China. (If you’re looking for more names on crypto, here’s our complete list of The most important people to follow on bitcoin and cryptocurrency). Downtown Josh — The CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management has topped our Twitter follow lists since we first starting making them.

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Author of “A Wealth of Common Sense” and host of a podcast of the same name, Ben Carlson’s Twitter feed is a perfect blend of expert investing advice and a sharp wit. Knowledge is passed from the writer to the reader. Best to have the most knowledgeable writers in your Twitter feed and chief investment strategist at Charles Schwab, Liz Ann Sonders is just that. @Biorunup is a versatile trader focused mostly on the biotech sector. @BioRunUp releases information that can be helpful for shorting, going long, and trading options.

With more than 57,000 followers, he regularly tweets about current market news and provides market analysis backed by sound research. Chris Kimble is a technical analyst best traders to follow on twitter who runs Kimble Charting Solutions. He believes in showing rather than telling and uses chart art to explain the highs and lows of stock markets via his Twitter handle.

Best Forex Traders To Follow On Twitter

Bespoke Investment Group was formed in May 2007 by co-founders Paul Hickey and Justin Walters. Bespoke investments is becoming one of the go-to research handles in the financial sector. Their website gives you easy to read reports on the latest trends and movements on the exchange. He tweets daily, almost always including a chart break down with concise thoughts and analysis. provides trading ideas, updated signals, interactive charts, more than 50 technical indicators, sector analysis, a personal portfolio section, support videos, and other benefits. These are used in financial markets, such as forex, futures, equities, and commodities, and can be applied to different time frames such as hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. Twitter account is an extremely trendy social media app for personal and professional environments.

Best Trading Accounts To Follow On Twitter:

Burns is a top reviewer for books about trading and investing on Amazon and the author of 17 books about stock markets. 🔷 @SamanthaLaDuc — another great mix of macro and technical analysis. An account to follow if you’re interested in the underlying behavior of global markets. Forex and CFDs are leveraged products and involve a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your invested capital. 80.84% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with Blackwell Global Investments Limited. Please consult our full risk disclosure and make sure you understand the risks before entering any transaction with Blackwell Global Investments Limited.

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CFDs are similar to spread betting in that you can bet on stock price movements without having to actually own the shares. The key difference is that spread betting is considered a form of gambling, so is free from capital gains tax and stamp duty, but CFDs are only free from stamp duty.

Who’s the best day or swing stock/option traders to follow on Twitter? The one that posts their entry and exits on a daily basis either its a win or loss. In recent years, there has been a surge in financial services Twitter activity. Everybody is looking to gain an edge on the markets, and social media has become a key ingredient in the mix. Among social media sites, Twitter stands out as a source of news, alerts, and tips that can inform trading decisions. Peter L Brandt is a legendary trader and author of the classic trading book Trading Commodity Futures with Classical Chart Patterns.

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🔷 @korinek_trades Great demand and supply trading, no fluff, imho exceptional resources for new traders. 🔷 @TraderSimon very experienced demand and supply trader. I suggest you do his course on Udemy and follow him on Twitter.

  • I suggest you do his course on Udemy and follow him on Twitter.
  • If you haven’t considered usingsocial media sites to gather stock information and learn more about day trading , these are some excellent starting points.
  • One of the most popular crypto trading accounts on Twitter is that of DonAlt.
  • He moderates the Investors Underground chat room and shares many of his insights on Twitter.
  • One way to kickstart your learning process is to follow some of the best crypto traders on Twitter.

And he stays in the trenches day in and day out to bring home the stock bacon. Nate is proud of his powerful gaming computers which he loves to trade with. Full-spectrum wealth management is critically important for your financial success.


Rudy — Named after the president of Germany’s Reichsbank in the 1920s, this account was once referred to by the head of the Minneapolis Fed as “an anonymous finance twitter troll.” Pretty much sums it up. Follow these Twitter accounts to track where the market is headed in 2019 — and get smarter about your investments and money. This account is managed by the managing editor of Yahoo Finance. As you’d expect, his tweets demonstrate useful insights that can notify you of key data events coming up. Fantastic technical and macro advice from a highly followed investor with nearly 40k followers worldwide. If you can look past the pink and purple color scheme, Goomba is worth a follow.

best traders to follow on twitter

Extremely transparent in his process, and, most of all, turning points in Crypto probably call him before proceeding. Amazing accuracy, if you want to swing trade the best crypto pairs, following him, and, if you follow him and still lose money, seek medical attention. Marc Walton is a certified forex best traders to follow on twitter mentor and trainer. Check out his account to see new forex fundamentals and tips on treading through volatile conditions, such as Brexit and the US-China trade war. He shares plenty of articles and tutorials from other sources as well, apart from his own trading blog, including forex webinars.

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