30 Best Photoshop Cartoon Actions_19

Toon Artist Action Sets is a fantastic Photoshop tutorial resource. There are several distinct things that you can do with an image in Photoshop. It is possible to use the backdrop of this picture or change the background to suit your requirements. If you are not certain the way to do something, then simply stick to the easy to follow steps in this tutorial.

Primarily, choose an object in your scene. Pick out any part of your landscape where you want to draw something. For each object select its color and variety of material.

Now draw the new drawing by choosing the tool in the tools palette. Pick the pen tool and draw on the new drawing. When you feel comfy with your work choose the background color from the palette. To get a realistic effect, you need to use the mix mode.

The next step from the Toon Artist Action Establish tutorial is to draw on your picture. This is simple, just use the shape tool to draw the shape of 30 Best Photoshop Cartoon Actions your picture. Use the gradient tool to create colors like red, purple and blue. You can even use the shadow and texture tools to add these particular effects to your pictures. Using these tools together will provide you a realistic drawing.

When you’re pleased with your drawings store them into a new file. You can even resize the image if it’s too big. To change the colors of your image from the Toon Artist Action Put simply open the image in Photoshop and then go to the palette, then click the pencil tab. Pick the colors you need to use and click on the radio button to activate the shade.

To finish your Toon Artist activity set you have to turn it off then remove the drawing pad. It’s the right time to edit your images, here you open your image from the editor, so you can change the colours, change the background or write some texts. To do this, you need to go to the drawing tab and then click the pen tab.