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  • NCPro products matches the international quality standards

  • One of the main priorities of NCPro products is a reasonable price

  • We are attentive to the needs of customers

NCPro | New Car Product Professional

Products for car body repair and painting

NCPro (NEW CAR PRODUCT PROFESSIONAL) – is a new trade mark on Ukraine’s market. Our company is pretty young. Still, it has established itself in the auto market as a reliable supplier of materials for body repair and car painting. All NCPro products are manufactured in EU by the companies certified according to standards of ISO 9001, ISO 9002. The heart of activity of the company is to regulate the right balance of affordable prices and high quality products, which fits the requirements of the present. That is why cooperation with us is the guarantee of success in your business.

Assortment of NCPro products

The process of selling NCPro products in Ukraine is on stage of formation now. Therefore, we are actively working to create a dealer network and are always open to cooperate for a common goal- customer’s satisfaction. NCPro range of products is constantly expanding to offer a comprehensive system of a car painting, which would fully satisfy both workshops and their customers. On our site you can find NCPro products in the following categories: Stock for painting, Equipment, Spotters supplies, Quick-releasing connectors. Retail prices for the products shown in the price list(RRP), which can be downloaded from the website. You have also the opportunity to purchase any goods in bulk( puttyшпатлевки, coating грунта, polish лака, solvents and hardeners, different materials for car body repairing). Serially, our company runs various promotions and discounts on products. If you are interested in cooperation with us, you can order the call online. Our manager will contact you as soon, as possible. He will answer your questions and will help to make an order. N.B. the shipment of goods is carried out up to 2 p.m., if the order was received later, the products will be sent the next day.

We are looking forward to work with you!